Things I discovered during covid19 lock-down

– Cutting the grass can be amazingly therapeutic.

– Robins can be fed to become the size of pigeons.

– Pigeons can get so fat that they cannot take off from the lawn.

– The greatest invention after sliced bread is the fast-forward button on the remote control.

– You don’t have to dust books. Just read them.

– Cancelling things are okay.

– Passing a kidney stone during lock-down is not recommended.

– Playing chess against a computer is not fun. You always lose.

– Home deliveries are the highlights of the day.

– Footballers, actors, stars are not important. They are very boring people with lots of money.

– It’s okay to cry in the garden, behind the summer house.

– Trees can be a very good sanctuary.

– The time is now.

– There is never ever anything on any streaming service you are subscribed to.

– “Small people” are the most important people.

Things I discovered during covid19 lock-down

– Morning coffee is the most important drink of the day.

– Anger as a form of expressions should be abolished by law.

– Inner silence can be achieved without mediation, chanting or prayer.

– Food tastes better when prepared at home.

– Gardening is better than gym. And healthier.

– You don’t have to look good to feel good.

– The internet is good but social media platforms are soul destroyers.

– Listening to the radio is like reading a daily newspaper.

– Wearing designer clothes is a sign of weakness. Not money. Or power.

– Be grateful for tap water, electricity, heating, the fridge and cooker. All in one place.  Home.

– Alcohol is a terrific aphrodisiac which gives you a horrendous headache.

– There is no priest, shaman, Buddha or tarot reader who can predict the future. You have to do it on       your own. And go for it.




About the author: Tara


The travel professional with years of experience in the travel industry – in guiding, reservations, operations, contracting, customer service and product development – and have travelled extensively in Asia and Eastern Europe not just on holiday but also for work, inspecting hotels, visiting attractions and seeing exactly what each destination has to offer. The only way I could do this properly was with my own guide, car and driver and this inspired me to create my own range of customised private day tours for other people to be able to explore in-depth and learn to love their destination as much as I do.