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  • Cathedral View ReadyClickAndGo

    Britain’s Oldest Belfry 

    St Albans is a medieval yet modern up-market town at the same time with many restaurants and chic shops but a charming history too. “You’ll get there in a jiffy, there are only 93 steps.” said the enthusiastic volunteer helpfully. Considering my age, my cracked knees Read more…

  • Swans ReadylickAndGO

    What I Learned About Swans

    Most weekends we spend at the lake which is a flooded gravel pit with a spit of land in the middle where there may be anything from a few dozen to a few hundred water birds going placidly about their business – gulls, geese, ducks, swans Read more…

  • Happy Hedgehog Day!

    Happy Hedgehog Day!

        Here are few fun facts about hedgehogs: 1) Hedgehog moves through the hedges and it release pig-like grunts — thus, the name hedgehog. 2) Their eyesight is weak but their eyes are adapted for night-time vision. When they hunt for the food they use Read more…

  • Ivan the Terrible, ReadyClickAndGo

    Ivan the Terrible as a Swan

    As soon as we put the blanket on the ground he showed up, followed by his mates, who turned out to be his girlfriends. We counted five in total.  He was the Alpha male standing out from the others by his size, long neck and attitude. He Read more…

  • Black Swan at the Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire

    Have you seen a Black swan?

    We have seen black swans at Spade Oak Nature Reserve in Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire.  The black swan was originally introduced into the UK from Australia to brighten up ornamental wildfowl collections and there are only a few places in the UK where you can spot them. We have been going to Spade Oak Lake Nature Reserve Read more…

  • Old Harbour in Weymouth, ReadyClickAndGo


    What a lovely seaside town! Wide beaches with golden sands, calm blue water (there are no tidal currents within 2 miles of the shore), a charming esplanade of slightly faded Georgian buildings of guesthouses, once-grand hotels and cafes with an ornate clocktower in the middle of Read more…

  • Marlow to Temple Lock Walk, ReadyClickAndGo

    Marlow to Temple lock walk

    Length: 3.90 miles (6.5km) Duration: 2 hours both ways with a break at the Temple Lock Conditions: flat Level of difficulty: Easy. Suitable for beginners. Or people who don’t keep fit. Nice day out for families. Cyclist. Or taking a dog for a nice walk.  Only nag Read more…

  • Antique Shop in Burford Cotswolds, ReadyClickANdGO

    Visit to Burford in Cotswolds

    Burford, one of England’s prettiest small medieval towns in Cotswolds is exclusive places to shop, eat, drink and stay. The name Burford is said to mean a defended settlement by a ford. Burford is situated 20 miles west of Oxford at the crossing of the A40 with the Read more…

  • Steam Train Ride in Wales, ReadyClickAndGo

    RIDE INTO THE PAST – The Brecon Mountain Railway

    “Quick. I can see the steam.”  We locked the car and ran as fast as possible towards the station. At the ticket office we rudely interrupted a lady in front of us in order to get the tickets for our steam train ride on the Brecon Mountain Railway. With tickets Read more…

  • Herefrod-Cathedral1

    Hereford Cathedral

    On the way back from Hay-on-Wye we stopped at Hereford Cathedral which dates from 1079 and houses one of the oldest maps of the world called Mappa Mundi. Unfortunately taking photos of the map itself is not allowed but if you have the chance Google “Mappa Mundi”. Very interesting!        

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    Who is St Dunstan?

    We visited St Dunstan Church in Monks Risborough and he is a jolly interesting chap! For over 200 years St Dunstan was England’s favourite saint, partly perhaps because he is said to have pulled the devil’s nose with his blacksmith’s pincers when he disguised himself as Read more…

Nebojsa Tower Belgrade Serbia ReadyClickAndGo

Nebojsa, the ‘fearless ‘ Tower  

In the Lower Town of Belgrade Fortress, just before the Sava River flows smoothly into the Danube, gracefully stands a 500 year old towerlooking towards New Belgrade.  This is Nebojsa Tower, built around 1460 as part of the city’s defence system protecting the core of the city from the Ottomans and sometimes called ‘the last Read more…



  If you are looking for the perfect city break do not look further from Zagreb, thе саріtаl of the Rерublіс оf Crоаtіа thаt оffеrѕ a mеdіеvаl сhаrасtеr through іtѕ wооdеn alcoves, fairytale-like hоuѕеѕ and соbblеd streets. This is аlѕо thе home оf many ancient buіldіngѕ, Read more…