Can you identify today’s city?



Noel Coward stayed in the city while writing “Private Lives”, comedy about divorced couple who, while honeymooning with their new partners, discover that they are staying in adjacent rooms at the same hotel.  Here is a quick reminder of Coward’s magnificent wit :

Amanda: What have you been doing lately?

Elyot: Travelling about – I went around the world, you know.

Amanda: Yes, I know. How was it?

Elyot: The world?

Amanda: Yes.

Elyot: Highly enjoyable.

Amanda: China must be very interesting?

Elyot: Very big, China.

Amanda: And Japan?

Elyot: Very small.

Amanda: And did you eat shark’s fins and take off your shoes and use chopsticks and everything?

Elyot: Practically everything…

Happy Monday!



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