Its Monday and it’s a city quiz time! Can you guess what city this is without the help of Google?


1) The city is located on the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. Le Corbusier, architect, said “the ugliest city in the world in the most beautiful place in the world.”

2) The city is home to the world’s largest Eastern Orthodox church.  From its location, it dominates cityscape, and is perhaps the most monumental building in the city. Its dome is 70 metres tall and on top of it is a 12 metre high gold-plated cross.

3) It’s know as one city with fifteen names.

Originally known as  Singidūn(on), the city went from that to Singidūnum, and since then it has been known by many names including: Alba Graeca, Alba Bulgarica, Fehérvár, Nandoralba, Nándorfehérvár, Landorfehérvár, Weißenburg and Griechisch-Weißenburg, Castelbianco, Veligrad(i)on or Velegrada, Dar Al Jihad (House of War), Belgrat, Prinz Eugen Stadt. But the name that stuck to this day is The White City, mentioned for the first time in 878 in a Papal letter to the Bulgarian ruler Boris I.

Answer revealed at 5pm GMT.  The clues are given on twitter every hour. Stay tuned!



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