Not too hot, not too cold – now is the perfect time to book a cruise on the Yangtze River.



Qutang Gorge is 5 miles long, the shortest but also the most scenic section. At its narrowest points, sometimes no more than 165 feet wide, the perpendicular cliffs force the river to rush through, making it fast flowing and dangerous.

wu-gorge in autumn

Wu (Witches’) Gorge is 28 miles long, a seemingly endless number of cloud-draped canyons so high that the sun is hardly visible, giving the strange peaks a fairytale aspect –  legend has it that a goddess and her 11 handmaidens were transformed into the mountains and help sailors navigate the treacherous waters below.


Xiling Gorge is the longest, 45 miles of rapids and shoals that claimed thousands of lives throughout history, nowadays tamed by the dam.


The Lesser Three Gorges consist of the Emerald, Misty and Dragon Gate and all are found along the Danning River, a tributary of the Yangtze at the western end of Wu Gorge.




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