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What else could this be but Afternoon Tea at one of London’s top hotels? And far from ladies from the shires in their best dresses and maiden aunts in pearls like something from an Agatha Christie story, the restaurant was filled with twenty-somethings, yummy mummies (and the occasional male) all tucking into one of the most delightfully old-fashioned meals in the country. But then again, this wasn’t an old-fashioned meal but definitely upmarket and modern, the room a muted grey throughout with quirky chairs and pretty Wedgewood china. A glass three-tiered cake stand was presented to us on which rested finger sandwiches, hot scones wrapped in a napkin, dainty cakes and dinky pots of clotted cream and jam – it didn’t look much at first but it was perfectly judged, and just to be sure, the waiters later slipped us another plate of sandwiches which despite valiant efforts we were unable to clear. The scones were even better than my own, the choux pastry a joy, the cupcake light and fluffy with suitably thick topping, I loved them all. And something my mother would have thoroughly approved of – proper doggy bags, neat little brown boxes which the waiters were happy to fill with any unfinished goodies to scoff on the way home…..

Perfect afternoon treat!

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